D Amino Acid Peptide Synthesis

Kirkland Peptide’s Fmoc-D-Amino Acids offer high purity (greater than 99%) at competitive prices. While L-amino acids are more common in natural proteins, D-amino acids have unique properties that make them valuable for drug development.


Fmoc-D-Amino Acids from Kirkland Peptide are greater than 99% pure and competitively priced.  Fmoc-D-amino acids are not used as frequently as the corresponding L-isomers because D-amino acids do not occur in the proteins and peptides produced by higher organisms. However D-amino acids are often found in the peptidoglycans contained in the cell membranes of many microbes.  Many natural and synthetic peptides containing D-amino acids possess strong antimicrobial properties.

Fmoc-D-amino acids are often used in drug development studies.  Beside antimicrobial properties, introducing D-amino acids into a synthetic peptide can make the peptide less susceptible to enzymatic degradation and improves its drug characteristics. For example D-amino acids are often used to increase the stability of a peptide to proteases.  D-amino acids can be incorporated in place of the natural L-amino acids, either at a specific position, or throughout the whole peptide.

Cyclic analogs of small bioactive peptides are being studied as potential drug targets.  These small cyclic peptides often contain at least one D-amino acid.  Including a D-amino acid in the linear precursor peptide promotes efficient cyclization.

Kirkland Peptide offers a wide selection of very high purity, competitively priced Fmoc-D-Amino Acids. All Fmoc-D-amino acids are available in kilogram or bulk quantities in addition to standard catalog quantities. Please e-mail Kirkland Peptide at sales@kirklandpeptide.com for a bulk quotation or use the On-Line Quotation Request.

  • Fmoc-D-Alanine
  • Fmoc-D-Arginine(Pbf)
  • Fmoc-D-Aspartic Acid
  • Fmoc-D-Asparagine(Trt)
  • Fmoc-D-Cysteine(Trt)
  • Fmoc-D-Glutamic Acid(OtBu)
  • Fmoc-D-Glutamine(Trt)
  • Fmoc-D-Histidine(Trt)
  • Fmoc-D-Isoleucine
  • Fmoc-D-Leucine
  • Fmoc-D-Lysine(Boc)
  • Fmoc-D-Methionine
  • Fmoc-D-Phenylalanine
  • Fmoc-D-Proline
  • Fmoc-D-Serine(tBu)
  • Fmoc-D-Threonine(tBu)
  • Fmoc-D-Tryptophan(Boc)
  • Fmoc-D-Tyrosine(tBu)
  • Fmoc-D-Valine
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